This is a collection of photos from my life and from a Digital and Color Photography class that I took during the Fall semester of 2006 at Bowdoin College in Maine.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Assign.#10: Final Project - SEM Images

Final (Self Designed) Project

Images from a Standard Electron Micrograph (SEM)





Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Assign.#9: 360 Panorama

Ian was strolling around his camera
one rainy friday, and before he could do anything about it,
he tripped on his bag and effectively face planted in the
nice wet grass. This truely made his day.

Questioning Time
A day in the life that Ian wished he lived, all in one photo.
9am: wake up. 12 noon: play guitar. 2pm: nap. 5pm: eat
6pm: eat more. Ah, tis the life.

Surprise Perspective
Imagine being able to see down both directions of a railroad track.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Black and Whites

Half way through my sophmore year at Bowdoin College,
I traveled home to Rome, Italy, where my
family still lives, for the 2006 winter break.
I had a few rolls of black and white film left over
from a photo 1 class thatI had taken in the fall,
so I decided to shoot them all over the
break. The following pictures are selections
from this collection.


A picture of Logan Airport, Boston, which I took as I
bought my tickets to return home to Europe for winter break, 2006.


A tram in Piazza Mancini

My good friend, Enea Sacco, in silhouette

Inside a tavolo caldo near Piazza Mancini

A Smart Car and Scooter. These two vehicles must
comprise roughly 90% of the traffic in downtown Rome.

A back alley in downtown Rome, just off the Via Del Corso

La Fontana di Trevi

The Pantheon

Inside the Pantheon, looking up at the dome

This McDonalds is situated directly opposite to the Pantheon.
The Latin enscription located above the McDonalds sign contains
a passage that I had to translate for a Latin class. It was posted by
Pope Pius II, stating that all shops and stalls within a 50 meter radius
of the Pantheon should be demolished, in order to amplify the buildings
might. Most of the people at the McDonalds eat directly under
this sign, oblivious to the irony of their situation.

The Church of Santa Susanna, located near Republica

A pasticeria in Republica. Italian pastries are gods gift to man kind

Perugina chocolats on display outside a shop in Republica

SPQR - Senatus Populus Que Roma - The Senate and the
People of Rome. A prominant symbol of the
former Roman Empire. It's everywhere


A view of the Duomo with the city in the backround

On the Ponte Vecchio bridge, couples write their names
or initials on locks and lock them to posts on the bridge

These "love locks" are everywhere


A path of light in the Venecian Graveyards

A gondaleer (sp?) making his way over the water

Another Gondaleer (sp?) traveling down a back alley canal

A building ornament that I just had to photograph because it
reminded me of oh-so-many of my friends

One of the many long-since-forgotten graves in the Venetian Graveyards

The Venetian Graveyards contain endless hallways of ern holders

Literally, endless hallways of ern holders

Just another back alley canal in downtown Venice

The Grand Canal


My Dad waiting for a public boat in Venice, Italy

My Mom and brother, Chris, standing on the edge
of a canal in Venice, Italy

My Mom and Dad in Venice, Italy

My brother, Chirs, feeding the pigeons in Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy

Yah, the pigeons really liked him

My Mom and Dad walking down our old road in the Italian Countryside